December 17, 2018 By Amanda Wu

Solo Traveler: A visit of Bosendorfer, Vienna, Austria.

I came to Vienna just to pick my destined piano!

This is my second visit to Vienna. Fleeting time left only blur memories of my first visit of Vienna. That year I was 15, performing with the NTSO International Youth Orchestra together. At that time, the itinerary was very busy. We had to rush everything like the rehearsal, performance, and I even had to do sightseeing with my heavy backpack and oboe. However, this time I came to Vienna for one simple reason: To visit the famous Bosendorfer factory and to pick my destined piano at the exhibition.

The Bosendorfer staff arranged a taxi for me. It took about an hour to the factory in the suburbs. There were various models in the exhibition hall and even some limited-edition pianos with special features. Words could not describe how excited and contented I was! Among them, I adore the VC (Vienna Concert) series the most.

Its heavenly timbre was both thick and translucent. I was immediately enchanted by it, and couldn’t help but kept playing. My feelings were beyond descriptions, and I felt like I was in a music paradise and completed integrated with the piano. It was this exquisite and magnificent sound, which just met the needs for me to play classical, jazz, original and other diverse styles. I just wished that I could play all day there! As for which beauty I should buy, I think I probably have an answer already.

Here’s a clip that I played a short section of the Concerto in F major by George Gershwin with the 9-inch VC280.

Vienna is the musical capital of the world. There were many concert halls and music museums in the city. I visited the Mozarthaus Vienna, the Haus der musik (a music museum), the concert hall on Beethovengang, and a chamber music concert of a member who is in the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

I also went to the boutique area next to Stephen's Cathedral to buy Gucci Padlock, took a sightseeing bus around the city and the Danube, tasted the time-honored figlmuller pork cutlet, and the Ribs of Vienna. What’s more, I went especially to the restaurant Luftburg, which is in the amusement park, Prater. The combination of the humongous fried pork knuckles and the Radler mit Almdudler beer was really superb! Now I would like to leave a new comment about Vienna: In addition to art, pork dishes are also of great reputations. 😉

This incredible journey greatly satisfied my body and soul! However, looking at the great differences between pre-war and post-war architectures, I was like a bowl of a mush, sentimental thoughts just kept crossing my mind inevitably….

I reminisced the past and this beautiful place… Countless musicians were once inspired, and tens of thousands of great music pieces were created here. Let alone the splendid glory of the Austro-Hungarian Empire was once so victorious. Despite ruthless wars and changes in time had made huge differences to the city, yet the greatness of the past would still deeply reside in the bottom of our hearts.


第二次來到維也納了。第一次是15歲時隨著國台交青少年管弦樂團來表演。當時行程很趕,彩排、演出、觀光,身上除了背包還要背雙簧管,而時間轉眼就過去,並沒留下太深刻印象。而這次的主要目的,是參觀名琴 Bosendorfer 工廠,以及到展場挑琴。

Bosendorfer人員幫我安排計程車,搭一小時來到郊區的工廠。展場裡陳列各種型號,也有一些特殊外型的限量琴,很難形容內心的興奮與震撼!其中我最愛 VC (Vienna Concert) 系列。它既厚實又具透亮度,完全正中我心,一彈便停不下來,宛如置身天堂,跟鋼琴間有種說不出的契合!就是這精緻宏亮的音色,正好滿足我彈古典、爵士、原創等多樣風格的需求。好想彈一整天不要離開!至於要購買哪一台,心裡大概有了底。我彈 9呎的 VC280,錄了一小段蓋西文 F major piano concerto 精彩片段。

維也納是古典音樂的重鎮,市區有許多音樂廳和音樂家博物館。我參觀了莫札特故居、Haus der musik (音樂博物館)、到貝多芬大道上的音樂廳,聽維也納愛樂團員的室內樂音樂會。也到史蒂芬大教堂旁的精品區買 Gucci Padlock 、搭觀光巴士繞整個城市及多瑙河、 吃老字號 figlmuller 炸豬排、和 Ribs of Vienna、特地去地標遊樂園 Prater 裡的餐廳 Luftburg,大啖不可思議之巨大的炸豬腳!配上Radler mit Almdudler 啤酒,真的超道地!我的新心得是:維也納除了藝術之外,豬料理也俱相當地位 😉


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