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May 7, 2019 By Amanda Wu

Solo Traveler: What a personality, Dublin!

Bars in rain

Dublin, the capital of Ireland, emits a peculiar atmosphere. It is the merge of industrial decadence and rustic gloom. The weather in Dublin is just like London, where it rains all the time.

Speaking of Ireland, the most famous music figure is definitely U2! They were middle school classmates and used to hang together. Out of the blue, they have become world famous rock stars!! On my way from the airport to the hotel, we passed by the school where they went to, and the taxi driver even helped me get some photos.

There are a lot of bars in Dublin, one after another, and the density is incredibly insane. In this place, it feels like "wine" is their daily "staple food", a concept that one can solve the hunger solely by wine. 😉 I once again played the spirit of "immediate understanding", emphasizing on some focal areas and I roamed a little while.

On the first day, the rain was drizzling here and there all day along. Though annoyed and inconvenient, I still lighten myself up and started exploring the city with an umbrella holding in my hand. I was first welcomed by the Dublin Castle, a style similar to the British and Scottish ones.

I took a walk along the “River Liffey” that divided the north and the south, and of course, I crossed the Ha'Penny Bridge. Although the Ha'Penny Bridge was not spectacular, it was still with an interesting simplicity. Unwittingly, I had walked to the Trinity College of Dublin University.

Among all the ancient universities in Europe, Trinity is recognized within the top ranks. Its ancient library is especially famous. Unfortunately, it was closed on that day. After that, I went to Grafton Street, a place where all the finest boutiques resided, and I bought a Louis Vuitton bag as a souvenir. What’s more, how can I miss the famous Temple Bar area? So without a doubt, I went there and got into a restaurant with live music playing, Oliver St. John Gogarty, to enjoy a musical night.

I am always fond of Irish music, its strong ethnic tonality in melodies and rhythms significantly strike my heart. Artworks derive from the soul of the artists. Through the presentation of artworks, one can soon realize the traits of the author and no one can’t be fooled. Therefore, I felt cleanliness, simplicity, resilience, unpleasantness, straightforwardness, and uncontested characteristics! This pure tension has been lingering in my mind, penetrating my soul completely!

The rhythm and the music echoed intimately that led me to a deeper sensation. I kept intoxicating and listening to it, just like the notes have greatly imprinted into every cell of mine. When I feel this way, I know that I have absorbed the essence, and the inner inspirational music library has added a new folder!

The next day, I began a journey with the domestic tour group and traveled around the island for a week. We went through a small fishing village, to be frank, it was not very distinctive. Perhaps the most intriguing appeal of Irish culture is “non-exaggerated characteristics”. Driving along the
North Atlantic, with the foggy weather, everything seems to be illusory. The endless coastline provided the best moment to let go of all the shackles of mindsets.

As the car swayed, my inner body began to tremble too, and a journey of the soul took place on a trip of the North Atlantic Highway. Get rid of the old cognition and logic, let go of the bundles generated by the ego, I begin understanding everything from a broader perspective, and see through the essence of all goods. This is indeed another self-awakening reorganization, sedimentation, and purification of the inner me!

After the soul quietly carried out a purification journey, finally I had arrived at the Cliffs of Moher, a place I had been longing to see! To be honest, with this magnificent spectacle, no matter how I describe it, I can never fully express the incitement that startled me! I can’t help but think of the "Wang Fu Cliff" in the Qiong Yao drama, which I watched in my childhood. Naturally, I cast the plot of Wang Fu Cliff to the Cliffs of Moher, so the more beautiful it is, the more doleful it looks... In this way, my soul was exiled for more than an hour, and then I fell asleep deeply after getting on the bus.

The next day, after having breakfast at the hotel, I was ready to leave. Dublin, with two days only, the Irish music I adored the most, the spectacle of the high-density bars I stunned the most, and the Cliffs of Moher I astonished the most! What a city!

The most famous things of Ireland are Clover and Irish Coffee. Below the Chinese translation, there are some related items to recommend for you:




愛爾蘭首都都柏林,天氣跟倫敦一樣,多半陰雨,散發一種很特殊的氣息!是一種融合工業、頹廢、樸實、又陰鬱的氛圍。而愛爾蘭最有名的音樂人物,莫過於U2 了!他們是中學同學,原本只是一起玩團,誰知竟玩成了世界天團!!!從機場到飯店的路上經過這所學校,計程車司機特別停下來讓我拍照。

都柏林酒吧林立,一間緊接著一間,密度高到不可思議!感覺 “酒” = “主食” ,是一種靠酒就可以填飽肚子維持生命的概念 😉 我再度發揮 “瞬間搞懂”的精神,重點式的踏遍了大街小巷。第一天一整天都下著綿綿細雨,要大不大要小不小的雨滴,有點惱人、令人心情不是太好,其實並不適合進行城市探索。但我硬是撐著傘在市區閒逛,先經過都柏林城堡,是一座與英國、蘇格蘭的城堡一樣的風格。沿著將城市分為南北的 “利菲河” 畔散步,想當然要跨越半分橋囉。半分橋雖稱不上壯觀,但簡樸中也挺有趣。不知不覺走到都柏林大學三一學院,這是歐洲排行前三名的古老大學,古老的圖書館尤其著名,可惜當天已關門無法參觀。到精品店密集的格拉夫頓街買了個Louis Vuitton包, 再到鼎鼎大名的 Temple Bar 區,選了家有現場音樂表演的餐廳 The Oliver St. John Gogarty 享受道道地地的音樂晚餐。

一直很喜歡愛爾蘭音樂,濃濃的民族調性,不管是旋律或律動,都正中我心。藝術來自於作者的靈魂,作者是哪種靈魂屬性,透過作品的呈現,完全騙不了人。我聽到潔淨、純樸、韌性、不討好、直爽、與世無爭的特質!這股純淨的張力,一直縈繞在腦中,完全穿透我的靈魂!音樂與節奏百分百相應的律動,牽引著我越聽越深入、越聽越深入... 像是一個音符一個音符深深地刻印在細胞。當感到如此時,我知道我已將它吸收了,內在的靈感音樂庫又新增了一個資料夾!

第二天跟國內旅行團環島一週。經過一個小漁村,說實話並沒有太大的特色,也許 “沒有太顯明的特色,正是愛爾蘭文化的特色” 。沿著北大西洋的公路開著,霧濛濛的天色,一切顯得似幻似真,海岸線的一望無際,是讓思考完全跳脫的最佳時刻。隨著車子的晃動,我的內在開始顫動,一場心靈之旅就在北大西洋公路之旅展開。跳脫舊有的認知與邏輯,拋開由小我所產生的綑綁,用更新更廣的角度理解事務,並看透本質。又是一次內心的擊碎與重組、沈澱與淨化!

在心靈默默進行一場淨化之旅後,終於到了期待已久的莫赫斷崖!說實話,再怎麼形容都無法表達被這壯闊的奇觀所震懾的撼動!腦中不自覺地一直浮出小時候看的瓊瑤連續劇 “ 望夫崖 ”,很自然地把望夫崖的情節投射到莫赫斷崖,於是越看越絕美、越看越淒絕... 就這樣讓心靈放逐了一個多小時,上車後便沈沈睡去。


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