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October 31, 2017 By Amanda Wu

Taichung, Hometown Series 3: Zero Space 孵空間

Even in the midst of city chaos, you can find beauty on every corner...

There is a lot of development happening around my hometown, including this new industrial hot spot. Zero Space is the modern zen corner of my hometown and an attraction for photographers and artists alike. It’s simple, modern and fulfills the desire of futurism.

I personally love this style and everything is represents. The esthetics of modern living is just so attractive. Since the color schemes are so simple and neutral, I decided to add a pop of color with this colorful #Mango dress with fabulous pattern from #Rome. The purple and floral pattern, plus the colorful mixture perfectly match one another, no matter if I carry the #braccialini purple clutch or black #gucci. Both work with this outfit.

I am amazed by how open-minded Taiwanese are about embracing cultural elements from all over the world. You can see the portions (the small model or the shade) from other culture in these photos. I have presented 3 completely different style for my hometown. In these 3 posts, 一德洋樓 (Yide Mansion), 審計新村, 孵空間 (Zero Space) present the different era of Taichung with extremely different beauty that offers people extremely different imagination.

Although I love this city and the wonderful sights it has on every corner, there is still so much of the world left for me to see and grow from. However, Taichung will always hold a special place in my heart.


Location: Zero Space, Taichung City


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