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November 3, 2018 By Amanda Wu

The Interview with the Artistic Talent Scout of Cirque Du Soleil

An amazing afternoon visiting the international headquarter and interviewing the artistic talent scout, Claude Vendette!

One day, I all of the sudden had an idea…Since I interview people for the content of my blog, why not interviewing the talent scout of Cirque Du Soleil ? Therefore, I wrote an email to them. A few days after, Cirque Du Soleil responded me that… usually they don’t accept personal media (like bloggers) to interview them. However, since I am the selected performer, so they accepted my request and invited me to the interview!!

I was so thrilled interviewing Claude Vendette and finally visiting the international headquarter. Claude has been doing this job as the Music talent scout in Cirque Du Soleil for 10 years. He is an talented multiple instrumentalists himself. It was a sunny afternoon, we sat in the lobby and started the interview with Claude.

Q: How did you find the potential performers?

A: I received applications and attended to the audition. However, not only this, I also go out the see shows to discover more talents and enlarge scout networking. If I see great performers, I will invite them for the audition.

Q: What kind of qualities of performers are you looking for?

A: The troopers!

Q: What are the criteria for selecting potential performers?

A: How the performer present themselves. How they put their personal feeling to the genre/music (in terms of rhythm, pitch, technical skills, their own interpretation and creativity)

Q: What happened after choosing the talents?

A: I will be in touch with the musicians to present the casting role. Then, Artistic director and bandleader make the decision. We usually need 3 months for preparation/integration, but it depends.   

Q: How do you like this job?

A: It is very closely related to all the performers so it is very interesting and I have lots of freedom. Magic happens everywhere!

Claude was very open and warm talking about the job. I can totally feel how enthusiastic he really is. We had a great and relaxing time doing this interview in the modern international headquarter! Hopefully, I will be working in this big fantastic family with Claude soon 🙂

Also, you will see some pictures of the gorgeous international headquarter. Every customs, props, setup..etc is made in Cirque Du Soleil! Isn't it amazing?

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