May 13, 2019 By Amanda Wu

Amanda & Centurion: The Journey of the Soul

Every voyage is a journey of the soul.

I have been living abroad for so many years and traveling so many times, still, expectations of every trip never wane. Every time, I couldn’t help but wonder that how much I could enhance my inner self, how much myths could be unlocked, how many pieces could be reorganized, how much impurities could be deposited, how many horizons would be expanded, and how much calm I could obtain!

Everyone grows in a miscellaneous way. Some grow up in the integration of gender relations, others grow up in the tension of parent-child relationship, and while others grow up in the shackles of workplace connections. As for myself, I guess I was determined to grow up in travel because of my keenness, independence, and curiosity.

In fact, I never thought that I would live and grow in this way. I thought my life would be like: After I graduated from university and returned to Taiwan, I stayed in Taiwan and worked in a variety of musical jobs. Presumably got married when I turned 30. Nevertheless, the destiny of the arrangement was always beyond expectation. I unconsciously walked towards a life that completely escaped the general framework. After moving to New York since my 30s, I was free to greet the splendid and wonderful life and accept dark challenges unpreparedly! I never thought about traveling alone all over the world, never thought about being a musician and a blogger at the same time. Let alone having my Chinese music creation album boarded so many American media!

Countless men asked me out, having dealt with so many dates/relationships, yet it is just unexpectedly difficult to find the Mr. right!
Therefore I understood! No lifestyle is perfect, everyone enjoys life and faces challenges simultaneously.

Accept your life and your own way of growth, I know that this is not easy, but in this way, we could fully absorb and metamorphose into a greater self. We enjoy the good and of course the difficulties. After all, the place we reside is earth, not paradise. Everyone has lessons to learn in this world. Therefore we are here to discover, visit, experience, and love!

There are often times we fail to understand the “whys”, but when we move on to the next stage and look back, we would smile for what we have achieved. Every process of each paragraph has its own beauty which shapes our delicate souls into a perfect state. 🙂

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Gulf Stream 29 inches with zippers. (Stockholm Black)


每一次的旅行,都是一場心靈之旅: Amanda x 百夫長





很多時候我們會不懂為什麼,但等晉級到下個階段再回頭看時,便會會心一笑,這每一段每一段的過程,其中都有許多美意,都在雕塑我們靈魂該有的『最美的樣子』 🙂

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Amanda x Centurion
Amanda x Centurion
Amanda x Centurion
Amanda x Centurion
Amanda x Centurion
Amanda x Centurion

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