June 23, 2018 By Amanda Wu

The New Milestone

Rests are also a part of Music

It has been a while that I didn't post anything. I think taking a rest to re-organize and re-integrate is extremely important. (Basically, it is like to "reset")

Last year, I was traveling between Europe, Asia, and NorthAmerica for most of the year. It was so fun and I absorbed so much nutrition! However,  honestly.. so tiring as well. Plus I was consistently working (touring performances, writing blogs) while moving around, I felt totally drained in the end of the year. The eager of settling down, slowing down my path and reorganizing the inner world just can't be ignored anymore. After certain months, I am back on track again, Renovating my whole career!
I am re-designing the new website!! (So excited about it!) , preparing for the new YouTube Channel, and many many more. I really can't wait to share with you all. You will see the new direction of the content, feel the new energy, new perspective, new fashion style and of course, new video clips of various music!!
Please be patient but feel the excitement! We will turn the new page together very very soon :)))


Much Love, Curiosity and Creativity ♥

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