May 23, 2017 By Amanda Wu

The Outsiders See More Clearly


Look at Your Life and Circumstances From The Outside In!

I first moved to Manhattan when I was 30 years old. It was a move I made to fulfill the fire within my growing creative soul. I craved more for my career and knew New York City would fulfill all of the desires I needed for the next chapter of my life. The people, the food, the culture in New York City was breathtaking, but like all life situations, the city came with it’s ups and downs.

Overtime, I became overwhelmed and stressed in the midst of all the energy that came along with the city life and found myself always looking to find new perspectives.


When life became overbearing, I would hop on the ferry and venture out to Governors Island, a tiny island in upper New York bay, to admire the city from afar. It was incredible what the skyline looked like from 800 yards away.The movement of the city seemed to move in slow motion and I was able to see the depth and dimensions of the history of the city. It was these trips that allowed me to understand the importance of perspective.


The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed in your daily life, take your own mental trip to Governors Island. In other words, find a new perspective. Whether you’re stressed out at work or overwhelmed with homework at school, step outside of your current situation and look at your life from a different angle. This will give you the opportunity to clear your mind, become more objective, find a neutral judgement, and understand life with more appreciation and heart.
It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of movement, but if you stop and take a moment to look at life from the outside in, you’ll notice it’s actually quite pleasant. After all, the grass is always greener on the other side.





♠ Fashion Outfit:

The black/white dress: iRoo

High heel: Annalee  


Location : Governors Island


Travel to create MUSIC
Travel with FASHION
Travel for more CREATIVE IDEA
Travel to fulfill the external & internal JOURNEY
Travel to Share the fantastic world with You


ƒ Related Music ƒ

Composer: Gustav Holst

Musical Piece: The Planets, Jupiter  

Description: Are you feeling stuck about your life on Earth? try to imagine looking at yourself from Jupiter. You are an outsider of earth. You will find the whole new concept about your journey on earth. You will realize how wonderful it is to have the experience living on earth! The planet Jupiter means God of happiness; it makes me happy and hope it makes you feel the same.  

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