April 21, 2017 By Amanda Wu

The Power of the Overcoat

Hey there, How is the weather in your country or city now?
I am in New York now and it is still kind of chilling and windy. Wearing a coat is still a must almost every day. Spring and autumn are really tricky, aren't they?

It reminds me the weather in London last fall... I really think that having a overcoat for unpredictable fall and spring is a smart choice! Moreover, if where you are is just happened to have lots of magnificent buildings, then here you go! You definitely want to try this to feel that you can actually be blended with the whole city. You actually become a part of the scenery!

Walking in the historical city like London, the best coat to fit the scenario is the long overcoat! In front of magnificent National Gallery, my heart was thrilled by the paramount honor and glorious architecture.

Arose your inner multi-nationalities

Blending with the scenario is fun! You can discover different phases of yourself in the different city, country, scenario and culture with different style of clothes you wear. It is a game to arose your inner multi-nationalities. While wandering in covent garden , I passed by French Connection . I actually loved this coat at the first glance. It definitely reveals a bossy and dominating looking, but still keep the elegancy. When you feel the power of the undiscovered part of you, it speeds up the energy circulation. You walk differently, behave differently because you are experiencing the different role! Walking in the wind with confidence! Walking stunningly along with the power of the overcoat!


♠ Outfit:
Overcoat: French connection
Purse: Mulberry
High Heels: REISS


♣ Location:
The National Gallery, London
Trafalgar Square, London


Travel to create MUSIC
Travel with FASHION
Travel for more CREATIVE IDEA
Travel to fulfill the external & internal JOURNEY
Travel to Share the fantastic world with You
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Composer: Frank Bridge
The Piece: Dance Poem
This English legendary composer, Frank Bridge is really one of my favorite composers in the 20th century.

His music is of course well-structured and contains lots of high level skills and theories. However, it sounds just as smooth and easy digest as you can absorb. You can clearly hear the ups and downs, but nothing is too intense or depressed. Your emotion is manipulated within the dynamic range that doesn't drive you crazy and still keeps you in the safety zone. Trust me, his music is deep but comfortable!

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