September 1, 2017 By Amanda Wu

VIDEO: “The Chaos of The Snow” At RockWood Music Hall In New York City

Finding stimulation in the chaos that surrounds my life in order to reach my highest goal and true destination.

"The Chaos of the Snow" is an original piece I wrote when I was attending McGill University. Like most college students, I was eager to become who I wanted to be. Nothing seemed for liberating than living on my own and conquering the world as a brand new, educated woman. But the duties of college were keeping me from the real world. So, as the determined woman that I am, I decided to double my workload and finish college in 2 years, as oppose to the traditional 4-year timeline. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed in the midst of the hectic weather and stresses of school.

The snow stimulates my inner world and during this time in my life, the inner world was chaotic. But no matter how stressed I was, I refused to give up. This tune is the soundtrack to this period in my life.

I hope this song inspires other to reach their highest goal and discover who they truly are- despite the blizzard in your outside world!



Music: "The Chaos of The Snow" from The Journey On Earth, Vol. 2: Stories Of Time.

Location: Rockwood NYC, 紐約

Vocals/Piano/Music/Lyrics: Amanda Wu 吳苡嫣

Bass: Evan Gregor

Drums: Jharis Yokley

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