September 9, 2017 By Amanda Wu

VIDEO: “Does Tradition Exist in the 21st Century” At RockWood Music Hall In New York City

As beautiful as tradition is, is it holding us back from breaking free into our creative world?

I performed “Does Tradition Exist in the 21st Century to wrap up my New York performance at Rockwood Music Hall. I wrote this piece in 2005 when I started recognizing how technology started influencing the way people lived. What fascinated me was the discrepancy between the modern and traditional way of thinking, and what important values continued on in our progressing culture and what values remained in the past.

I noticed how some old traditions limited people from breaking free into their creative world, and because of this observation, I created this musical piece to bring to light what endless possibilities we can encounter if we just let go of some traditions and progress on with life.


Music: “Does Tradition Exist in the 21st Century" from The Journey On Earth, Vol. 2: Stories Of Time.

Location: Rockwood NYC, 紐約

Vocals/Piano/Music/Lyrics: Amanda Wu 吳苡嫣

Bass: Evan Gregor

Drums: Jharis Yokley

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