January 8, 2017 By Amanda Wu




我喜歡在陽光和煦的秋天,在街上漫無目的遊走。I love to wander under the lovely sunshine in fall.

I love to wander (no specific destination, and necessarily think about anything) under the lovely sunshine in fall. I believe that there must be many people like me who like to walk and enjoy the beautiful street view. Besides the beautiful view, what I like more is to really feel the sensitive feeling and the dance of the strings within. Because once this sweet feeling appears, there will be lots of imaginative ideas coming out in my head and I will receive lots of signals from the outer space, probably! Yes, a lot of my compositions, no matter songs, pieces, articles, or the decisions of life are done while walking. Why don't you try to walk, enjoy the scenery and also listen to your inner voice? I believe that, you would more and less receive some messages and come out with some interesting idea!

大女人深藏的內在小女孩 Every Woman Has a Little Girl Dwelling Within

簡潔俐落的個性淑女穿搭,向來是我最愛的風格。這件剪裁簡單大方的外套,百搭中不失優雅,基本款中不失獨特!當初我一眼看見就決定買下呢!簡單搭個牛仔褲,用細跟跳色的高跟鞋,同時吸引視覺注意和撐起比例。當穿著簡約時,包包正是最好搞點小花招的配件。黑色長方形真皮包包,是德國品牌 LIEBESKIND . 住紐約時,有天在家附近SOHO逛街,看到這個休閒高雅的牌子,馬上被吸引。長方形的包包本來就少見,特殊形狀和真皮質感,可肩背也可手抓,真是獨特的組合,好愛 ♥ 另一個超大 MOSCHINO 購物包,除了尺寸超實用之外,最特別的就是那馬上激起“每個大女人都藏著的內在小女孩” 的鮮豔童趣畫風。畫風俏皮的設計,在大人一味追求成熟、質感的世界裡,形成了一種反差萌!是不是很可愛呢?

"The simple & urban independent lady style" is always my favorite one. The cut of this coat is simple. It could match many kinds of styles and always keep the elegancy. When I first saw it, I knew it is a Must-Buy! Matching it with a jeans and thin high heels, it creates the great proportion and attracts lots of attentions. When you wear something simple, the purse will be where you can a little bit fun with. The black leather with rectangular shape is from a German brand, LIEBESKIND. When I lived in Manhattan, one day, I was shopping in SOHO near my apt, this casual and elegant brand caught my eye. It is very rare to see the purse in rectangular shape. The special shape and leather quality make it one of the kind! It can be a shoulder bag and a clutch. Really love it ! Another super big MOSCHINO bag not only has many uses of it but also arouses the secret that "Every woman has a little girl dwelling within" with the colorful painting style. While you are living in the world that is expecting you to be mature and sophisticated, to act oppositely sometimes is a cute contrary. Isn't it more attractive?













ƒ Related Music ƒ
Song: You and Me
singersongwriter: Joanna Wang 王若琳
Joanna Wang 王若琳的這首創作,像是充滿少女情懷的電玩音樂,不知你在奔波中已沉睡許久的童心,被喚醒了嗎?

♠ Outfit:
Coat: Benetton
High heels: PASSI

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