May 19, 2017 By Amanda Wu

We Are All Creators Of Our Life Story


We are and have always been the makers of our own destiny. What kind of life are you creating for yourself?

Have you ever reached a point in your life when you felt lost? I’ve felt lost many times throughout my years growing up. When I had to choose which university to attend, what profession to enter, and what city to live in next, I felt lost. But having to make tough decisions like these is a life lesson in disguise. It is a reminder from the world that we are the creator of our own destiny.

We do things everyday that contribute to our life story, like deciding to pack our bags and travel the world, making time in our schedule to learn a new hobby, or even opening up our heart up to fall in love. Every single decision, opportunity, and event is a new page to add to our story we are creating for ourselves.

Take a moment to reflect on your life. Is it colorful? Is it eventful? Is it remarkable?  Now ask yourself, What am I doing every day to make my life story exactly how I want it to be?

When you feel stuck, take a moment to pause and reflect. Reach out to someone with a different perspective and let them share their wisdom with you. Other people’s stories are just as important as yours. In fact, they may even contribute to the direction of where your story is headed. Take inspiration from other people to write a life script that you truly want. Reading is another way to take a moment to escape your current reality and connect with another imagination. Even just listening to another person’s life perspective can allow you to reflect on your own.

We often find ourselves consumed by this busy world, overlooking what is truly important to our story. But we must never forget that we are and have always been the makers of our own destiny.




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Pianist: Bud Powell
Song: Un Poco Loco
Jazz stimulates my creativity, not just in music, but for life in general. I realize there is unlimited possibility in life just like there is unlimited arrangement in Jazz! The Melody and the rhythm of this song somehow make my imagination swing!

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