June 9, 2017 By Amanda Wu

World Tour Concert Of The New EP In New York City

If you take a moment to pause and reflect, you'll realize that life really is a journey- an AMAZING journey!

What an incredible experience it was to be able to play in the iconic music venue Rockwood Music Hall in New York City!


I consider New York City to be the major turning point in my life. Living here, I truly understood what I wanted to do with my career at this moment of my life-- launch my blog, release music, and open up my e-shop! Although I’ve only lived here for two years, I owe so much of my inspiration and drive to this city! New York City has had such an affect on me and I am so grateful to call this place the destination of one of my latest concert!


Not only is Rockwood Music Hall glorious, it’s also the place of some magical moments I’ve experienced. With just one rehearsal, I met two incredible musicians, Even Gregor on Bass, and Jharis Yokley on drums! If you don’t know who these gentlement are yet, you will!


To best describe my amazing experience here, I wrote a song entitled, Life is a Journey:


“Life is a Journey, nothing to worry because God has prepared everything we need. God is in us and speaking gently, are you listening? Life is a journey, please awaken your spirit. Although you can’t avoid feeling lonely, but remember you are chosen to be, the unique creation, God’s creation,  living on earth enjoy the joy. Life is a journey, amazing journey, as long as we keep loving, caring, sympathy, honesty..”


If these lyrics don’t make you want to pack your bags and move to New York City, I don’t know what will!



♠ Outfit: MOMA
Location: Rockwood, NYC


Travel to create MUSIC

Travel with FASHION

Travel for more CREATIVE IDEA

Travel to fulfill the external & internal JOURNEY

Travel to Share the fantastic world with You


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Composer/Lyricist/Pianist/Vocalist: Amanda Wu
Song: Life Is A Journey

I wrote this song while taking the subway from Manhattan to Brooklyn. It was a long ride. I was looking at the view and thinking of my life from Taichung, Taipei, Montreal to NYC. I realized that Life is really a Journey, an Amazing Journey!

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